Tenyi Advertising Inc.

Tenyi Advertising Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality advertising agency services.

About Us

Tenyi Advertising is a dynamic advertising agency dedicated to providing professional services. With a focus on professionalism, efficiency, perseverance, and integrity, we aim for steady growth and strive for mutually beneficial partnerships. Our experienced team excels in precise ad placements that optimize brand awareness and drive profitability.

Mainstream Media Advertising Management

We provide comprehensive advertising management services on main online media platforms. Our expertise includes developing effective strategies, selecting optimal platforms, and managing campaigns for maximum results.

Alternative Media Advertising Management

We excel at placing ads on unconventional online platforms, reaching specific target audiences through unique channels for maximum engagement and impact.

Advertising Optimization and Analysis

We optimize and analyze ads meticulously, utilizing data-driven techniques to monitor performance, analyze user behavior, and make informed adjustments to enhance targeting and campaign effectiveness.

Advertising Page and Banner Design

Our talented designers create visually stunning ad pages and banners that effectively convey brand messages and capture audience attention.

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